Sketches in UK

I have been study for my MA course for half year . just got time to play around with my personal work during this Easter holidays.

Start my sculpting again since haven't touch the programs for half year.
Quickly sketch an alien from Glauco Longhi, a brilliant sculptor.

After finished the alien above.
I start to randomly sketch my alien and this's the result.
Concept : The Life Leecher
Race : Bathilas
role: a cunning mage who drains life and soul out of his victim
Place: Cave of Nemesis
Physical: Bat + human

another head sculpting, for practice.

This is my self-initiate project, one of my MA's briefs. making a combinging of e-book and animation which based on an ASOP story , 'The North Wind and The Sun"'.
it's work in progress ,still missing last 4 scenes. will update when the work is done.

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