Welcome to Sasin's Portfolio

This is the portfolio and creative playground of the CG junior artist Sasin, located in Thailand.
Here you’ll find my 3D portfolio containing finished, rendered pieces of my CG characters, creatures, animations and also many sketches. I can produce 2d, 3d animation, image, print, illustration and design project.
currently, I'm studying MA in UK and also looking for freelance/full-time job . I'll available around October.

Contact : a19miles_to_myfriends@hotmail.com

Pre-Dominance War V

I just found this set of images that I created for a competition called Pre-Dominance War V long time ago.
I decided to join 3D Total team. The rule was to make an online game character, low polygon and a 1024 texture map.
I pretty satisfied with the outcome.
I got chosen into 2nd place of 3D total team, but couldn't make it into the last round.