What does da frog say ?

WIP : Recent project, Captive Frogman.
Experiment on sss with spinning lights.
Turntable sooonn

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please bear me up

This image is look development of my recent personal project, spent on my spare time.
Bear portrait model with fur, from sculpt to composite.

The project will be short animation (hopefully) with still models and animated camera.

background is a material from http://miriadna.com/wallpapers/forest

my random stuff

Very beginner cloth simulate test



Camouflage Troops on Uranus

Creating head of Uranus troop, covered by blue due to dense blue atmosphere on Uranus. " wear blue or devoured by Uranus beasts". 



Skin test

Skin shader test in Mentalray for Maya.  554 face with normal map.


Final Major Project/ MA Design

LunchboxUK Project

This is my final major project while I studied MA Design : Communication Design. The project is an university assignment so it is not an actual project. I did the animation for TV commercial to introduce healthy lunchbox for primary school student, encourage them to eat healthy food, based on the words " you are what you eat". Also design a flash website to spread out information to children with enjoyable style.

LunchboxUK Project from Sasin.P on Vimeo.


Welcome to Sasin's Portfolio

This is the portfolio and creative playground of the CG junior artist Sasin, located in Thailand.
Here you’ll find my 3D portfolio containing finished, rendered pieces of my CG characters, creatures, animations and also many sketches. I can produce 2d, 3d animation, image, print, illustration and design project.
currently, I'm studying MA in UK and also looking for freelance/full-time job . I'll available around October.

Contact : a19miles_to_myfriends@hotmail.com

Pre-Dominance War V

I just found this set of images that I created for a competition called Pre-Dominance War V long time ago.
I decided to join 3D Total team. The rule was to make an online game character, low polygon and a 1024 texture map.
I pretty satisfied with the outcome.
I got chosen into 2nd place of 3D total team, but couldn't make it into the last round.



Mental Ray render test. I try to achieve a quick high-res photo rendering. However, I did not use any textures, only shaders applied.

Ref: Mass Effect


Sketches in UK

I have been study for my MA course for half year . just got time to play around with my personal work during this Easter holidays.

Start my sculpting again since haven't touch the programs for half year.
Quickly sketch an alien from Glauco Longhi, a brilliant sculptor.

After finished the alien above.
I start to randomly sketch my alien and this's the result.
Concept : The Life Leecher
Race : Bathilas
role: a cunning mage who drains life and soul out of his victim
Place: Cave of Nemesis
Physical: Bat + human

another head sculpting, for practice.

This is my self-initiate project, one of my MA's briefs. making a combinging of e-book and animation which based on an ASOP story , 'The North Wind and The Sun"'.
it's work in progress ,still missing last 4 scenes. will update when the work is done.


Nature's Grasp (BFA Final Project)

A short 3D animation for everyone
Help the world now!! only if you do it!

some screenshots

Here's the animation!

Nature's grasp from Sasin.P on Vimeo.

Daybed Magazine Cover

I did few 3D illustrations for Daybed Magazine, including the cover of the issue.
I did the 3D objects and retouched to match out the original photos.


Marmoset Engine experiment

This summer I have partcipated in Pre- Dominance War V. The Rule set us in making classic low polygon style which basicly allow to fully paint texture. My Pre-DWV project is now in 70% . I have a chance to try trail version of Marmoset enginge in this DWV. It's really nice application.

This guy I made for testing normal map in the engine. Prepare to the main DWV, coming up on Jan. He sit around 5000 poly for his upper body.
Hope you like it

Hades, Turntable from Sasin.P on Vimeo.


Character Sheet of The Paladin

Hello just make a character sheet of The Paladin.
Redo some lights and angle.

Hope you liek it


The Last Battle of Thor

This is my pre-thesis project I'm doing 3D illustration based on story of Thor and the serpent mid-guard, Jormungandr. Thor and Jormungand meet at Ragnarok, Thor will kills the serpent, but then succumbs to the venom, which it has spat at him.

hope you like it.


Liam Neeson Skin head version lol!


SSS skin shader experiment!

Still got some probrems with Hair paint effect :\

all cc are welcome